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Focusing on intellectual property services and providing customers with professional and integrated intellectual property solutions.


Every recognition from our clents encourages us to go further and further in our pursuit of professional life.

Four-star Patent Agency in China
National IP Services and Brand-nurturing Institution
Chairman’s Company of Guangdong Patent Agency Association
The “Best services” Award
Director of Guangdong IP Protection Association
Three-star patent agency in China
Excellent Patent Agency in Shenzhen
Advantageous IP Enterprise
The 3rd Ranking of Guangdong Province for the Number of Commissioned Patents
Director of the 3rd Council of Guangdong Patent Agency Commission
Council Member of National Intellectual Property Standardized and Advisory Services Union
Management Standard Unit for Guangdong Patent Agency
Chairman Zhang Quanwen: IP Top 10 Influential Figures
2nd “Excellent Invention Patent Application Text” award
1st “Excellent Invention Patent Application Text” award
Council Member of China Trademark Association


Being well trustworthy and recognised for our high quality by about 8000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad such as HUAWEI, Bentley Motors Limited and SK CHEMICALS CO., LTD.


The latest information, the latest policy, the most comprehensive knowledge, the intellectual property services are everywhere.

Notice on Reduction of Trademark Official Fees

Chinese Trademark Office announced on March 30, 2017 that since April 01, 2017, the official fees will be reduced by 50% for the following trademark matters:
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