Business Details
  • Pro-filing patentability opinion
  • Patent Application
  • Patent Application Documents Writing
  • PCT Application & Paris Convention Application
  • European Union Patent Application
  • Patent Application for Intellectual Property Rights In Africa
  • Change of Descriptive Items
  • Prosecution and Reexamination Of Patent
  • Patent Retrieval and Analysis
  • Patent invalidation
  • Patent infringement searching and analyzing
  • Administrative Proceeding
  • Administrative or Judicial Protection of Patents
  • Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer
  • Patent Annuity Payment
  • Retrieval and Surveillance of Patent Documents and Non-Patent Documents
The Benefits of Patent

Monopolistic market
Patent is a powerful tool of market competition, and if product that is granted a patent is equivalent to an exclusive right in the market, and other people who want to use need to obtain permission.

Intangible Assets
Once a pure technology is granted to a patent, it becomes industrial property rights, forms intangible assets and has value.The patent right may be able to obtain economic benefits by patent licensing, transfer, pledge, mortgage, etc.

Technical Protection
After the invention of technology is granted the patent right, it has the exclusive ability to prevent others from imitating and infringing the new technology and products developed by the enterprise.

Value of Honor
In the respect of individual honor, it contributes to points home, title assessment and individual value realization; For corporate honor, the patents’ quality and quantity of enterprises are the embodiment of enterprise innovation ability and core competitiveness.

Enterprise Propaganda
Advertising and promotion of products with patent labels will increase the reliability and credibility of products, improve enterprise's popularity and market reputation.

Awarding Policy
Local governments have issued policies to reward and subsidize applicants for patents. It is necessary for enterprises to have patent to apply high-tech enterprises, innovation funds, projects, etc.
Patent Technical Field
  • Communication Engineering; Electronic Information and Technology; Mechanical Design and Manufacturing; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; New Energy Sources; Aerospace; Internet Technology; Smart Electrons; Integrated Circuit; Materials Science and Engineering; Physical Chemistry; Biotechnology; Electrical Engineering; Construction Works; Biochemistry; Material Forming; Pharmaceutical Engineering; Chemical Engineering and Process; Pharmacy; Applied Physics; Nano Research and so on
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